After an additional 2 years of research and reflection, it is time to start up this blog again.  I have learned a few additional things of value for philosophy and living in this interval.  I should also say that my purpose is to re-work the foundations of ethics and morality. I believe certain fundamental aspects must be amplified on or even constructed for the first time ever.

The issues in this field are crucial because upon them turn all considerations of good or bad, truth or confusion, happiness or misery, and light or darkness in human existence.  This is because everything from personal choices up to international politics and war, are simply elaborated conclusions arising from the implications of ethical ideas. It has been said that the humanities have lagged well behind the physical sciences.  I agree and believe that this is because of the inadequate development of ethics and morality for over two thousand years.

What I want to do is a massive undertaking.  If I am to do it at all, I must write freely, almost stream-of-consciousness, because there is so much to consider and with so many things yet undefined. Any attempt to proceed in an organized way would be, and has been, self-stultifying.  It will now be my goal to average one or more paragraphs per day, just to take a stab at this.

Generally, I will choose a topic, event, book, or even a definition I consider interesting and write about it.  Politics, culture, art, psychology and philosophy often collide in any discussion, so I will write about them, sometimes in the same stretch of writing.  I will try to be more organized than this but all of this is messy.  The writing may be as little as single paragraph or as much as an extended essay, but whatever it is, I am going to let it flow.  I also expect to re-visit many topics, with some of them being repeatedly added to or modified.

I have been wanting to avoid being messy, but there seems no help for that, given things as they are and what I want to achieve.  For most part, what I want to present, while it may start with common knowledge, should soon take us many places never seen before by any of us, including me.

Please bear with me on this, but feel free to contribute comments and corrections..  I also will make a number of typos and I hope you will bear with them as well and all corrections submitted by readers will be gratefully considered.

I know that many blogs dispense with reader comments, many times due to the sheer volume and overhead in maintaining them, not to mention trolls and spammers. You may also email me and at this time, I certainly expect to respond to them all.  I will try to keep the channels as open as seems feasible to do so.  I would really appreciate serious responses to what I write.  I can only hope that someday my reader comments and email would become so voluminous, I could no longer interact personally.  Until that day, we can be in touch.

One thing further.  All that I write and all comments on this site about what I write are reserved under my own name as copyrighted material. Aside from responses on the blog, fair uses in citations, and so forth, all rights are reserved.

Thank you.

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