Genesis – The Purpose of This Blog

This blog is about philosophy and today’s reality.  Civilization faces a number of problems and individuals a number of concrete challenges.  I believe that philosophy can make all the difference for us all. I think that much valuable knowledge has been forgotten, but even more crucial, there is fundamental knowledge that has not yet been developed.  I have taken valuable ideas from the past, extended them, and added a few of my own to come up with what is likely to be a dramatically better world-view than can be easily found. I want to show the principles that solve our concrete problems and I believe that the principles and integrations I have created over the course of a lifetime are new solutions to old problems.

I have a lot to say about hardcore philosophy as well as current events.  I will try to unify them by pointing out the connections.  Beyond that I will be slowly articulating a complete philosophy, for those who, like me, believe philosophy is crucial.  I will not be bashful about art, psychology, science or any other area of interest.

This is the beginning of what I hope will be a grand journey for many people.  It will be for me, my friends, interested strangers, and even enemies.  The purpose of my writing is to explore, point out, and hopefully illuminate the ways in which we think about the true, the good, and the beautiful.  I do not know where this journey will lead us except to say that I expect it will be exciting and useful.

For my friends this will be a continuation of conversations and emails stretching over years.  For interested strangers, “this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.  For any potential enemies, perhaps we will not, in the end, be enemies, but if we are fated to be, then I hope to make the reasons crystal clear.

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  1. Roger says:

    As one of those friends who has had conversations and emails stretching over the years with you, I shall be looking forward with extreme interest at the development of this blog. Our conversations have been dramatic, crucial, and a grand journey that I have treasured. So excitedly I say “onward into the breach.”


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  4. Can You write more about this, please…

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